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Letter to my 23 year-old self

By Persistance Muunga 

First of all, I want to give you a tap on your shoulder for finishing another year. Looking back, those 365 days were never easy but you made it. It tested your strength, your loyalty, your patience and most importantly your faith. You have built unexpected friendships and broke off toxic ones. You have learnt to love and to be hurt at the same time. You were at your highest and at your lowest point. 
To be honest, 22 was loaded emotionally and mentally. There were times you let yourself down and there were times you exceeded your own expectations. You experimented with work, school, love, friendship and life itself. You discovered new things and you revisited ways of thinking about old things.
22 showed you that love isn’t easy and its more about yourself than it will ever be about the subject of your affection. It was about love being complicated, it demanded strength, solidarity and maturity. It was beyond two people who were fond of each other, it expanded t…

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