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Embracing the unexpected

I always tell people that l don’t have life all figured out. That it’s only been through grace, consistent effort and a dash of luck to get to where l am today, because life is a series of transitions. It’s not something that you can figure out, it’s a complex beast with intricate workings that are constantly changing.
Of course, there is a belief that we all have the ability to control things that happen in our lives and to create a life we want for ourselves. That if you plan, strategize and have smart goals things will always flow. But if you ask me, sometimes we can’t control what happens in our lives because life is a continuous mystery that is constantly evolving and we have no choice other than to persistently explore it. 
The thing is, you can’t have life figured out, people leave, employment contracts can be terminated, businesses make loses and sometimes we even lose our loved ones. Our experiences of loss and disappointments may leave us feeling guilty, angry and even conf…

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